Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Than a Holiday

Because Thanksgiving is More than a Holiday by Ann Voskamp @ {In} Courage

Then the stress roils and I’m heavily under the influence of speed, then is the time for the stress intervention, and I’d breathe deep and I’d say it out loud:

“Thank You for crazy towhead kids. Thank You for ridiculous legos. Thank You for socks even if they mismatch. And thank You that we’re here together, breathing together right now…that there’s now.

And I’d be doing that, breathing deeper.

Giving thanks is profoundly life giving.

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Anonymous said...

Great quote, Heidi. Have a great Thanksgiving!! We assume it will be at your folks house (even though) since that is the only place there is room for everyone. Sorry we can't join you all again this year!!! Grandma