Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Because

Life unedited and without commentary. Grin.








ETA: I’ve started attempting to diagram our weekly CC history sentences. It gives me a chance to stretch myself in the grammar department. Not only that, but I’ve found that, because I am a visual learner, I memorize the sentences much more quickly when I have a concrete, organized picture of them. This week’s sentence is rather awkward (like most of my own). Often, after I take a picture, of course, I realize I’ve misdiagrammed. (Is that a word? Maybe it’s mis-diagrammed. See, I’m always second-guessing myself…)  Anyway, I was thinking that ‘realized’ was a subject complement, a past participle being used as an adjective with a linking verb predicate, but it is part of a verb phrase. Yes? No? It is really frustrating being on a 4th grade level in grammar. Sigh.



Tsh @ Simple Mom said...

The sentence structure of that history sentence makes me ca-RAY-zy. I'm impressed you've bothered to diagram it.

The song makes me crazy, too. Tate likes it, though. :)


Timi said...

These photos are fantastic!!! And lovely !!! Thank you :o)!!!
Have a nice weekend!

Heidi said...

Thanks, Timi! You always leave the nicest comments. They make my day. :)

Tsh~ Yes, very awkward sentence, which is why I needed to (try to) diagram it in order to be able to memorize it, visual learner that I am. :) I added a little commentary on the post about that. The boys really enjoy all the songs, even if they drive me crazy on occasion. Sometimes the worst ones are the ones that get stuck in my head once I finally memorize them. Very annoying. ;-P

Hannah said...

That history song cracked all of us up. We like singing it in a silly, exaggerated, twangy way. Makes up for the awkwardness of the sentence somehow, IMO.

I've been trying to muddle through some diagramming myself, as I help Ian with his Essentials homework. I am learning so much from that class. If only he shared my level of enthusiasm!

Lauren said...

I love the pictures of the kids taking care of Lola! Precious! What a sweet bond they must have!