Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Birthday-Girl Quilt

Lola's Birthday Quilt

Lola's Bambi made her a very special patchwork quilt for her first birthday. (Levi couldn't say 'Grammy' when he was little. It sounded more like 'Bambi' so that is what stuck, and that is what we have called her ever since.) It looks so darling on her bed in her room. Perfect. It will be such a treasure for her!!

Lola Curls

I know, I know. Her face is hiding in the pictures. She and I (and the light) were having a hard time getting our photo-shoot act together. But check out the little curls she’s got going on in back, there. She still looks bald from the front, though.

Lola's New Quilt

Lola is 13 months now and has just starting walking. It is as if my baby was replaced by a little girl overnight!! How can this be?

Lola Bug Lola Quilt More Curls

Oh, wait, her face snuck in this picture...

Lola Sweets


Anonymous said...

The hilarious thing is that even Jacob and I call her Bambi, because everybody else calls her this.

Christina D.

Anonymous said...

I love those cute little curls on her neck!! Adorable pictures, as always. Grandma

Shannon said...

Heidi- Love these pictures!

Sweet Bouquets said...

Darling...both the quilt and Miss Lola!

Hannah said...

Heidi, my mother has made quilts for each of my children (and now my brother's child), when they were babies. She starts when the pregnancy is announced! Each one is so unique and special. I love contemplating the loving hours spent on each one, and like to think that perhaps she prayed for each child as she painstakingly stitched.

Lola's quilt is beautiful! I love the color scheme. What a treasure to have -- although we know the real treasure is Lola herself!

Timi said...

This quilt is beautiful!!! Lovely colors! It's a perfect gift for her :o)!