Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drowning in Real Life

…. Or at least the laundry. But these moments are the moments that all together make a good life. And a good life it is.

Maybe she can teach me how to text.



I have a bunch of pictures to post, including two family sessions, but my computer is hating me and all my photos right now. My hubby has to work some magic on the memory situation (if only he could do that with my actual memory…).


Kim said...

We have matching houses today, only my piles are filled with pink and purple with one lone pile of browns and blues.

Happy wading! :)

carole said...

Thank you.
(not for drowning, but for sharing)

Today I actually dumped all the laundry on my bed. Then sat down and said to myself that I would read for a few minutes (an Alexander McCall Smith) then fold. But I fell asleep. And that is the end of that story. (meaning, the clothes will probably go back into the baskets until tomorrow's retry)


Jessye said...

HA. I am standing in a situation similar to that right now! (minus the kid on the cell phone. I don't even attempt to bring my laundry out until the kids are in bed.)

Christy Murphy said...

Those are the best photos! Love them!!

Karen said...

Love that picture with Lola sticking her leg up in the air - what a cutie!

Thanks for being brave enough to share your laundry pile. One thing I've learned, now that I'm a mom to four: it.never.ends.