Sunday, June 24, 2012

Battling it Out



Our close friends have both kid birthdays at the end of June, so they trade off having a HUGE birthday bash. One year it is McKinnon’s turn. The next it is Monet’s. Char and John go ALL OUT, and attending the party is one of our favorite summer kick-off activities. This year it was McKinnon’s turn, and he chose a NERF battle! (My boys weren’t thrilled, or anything.)

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(The cake was an awesome homemade camo cake!)

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Have I mentioned how exhausting it is to go anywhere with Lola? She is so independent, headstrong, and active. She spent the greater part of the birthday party trying to run out into the street (while we tried to head her off and direct her attention, which wasn't very successful). Our other choice was to strap her in her car seat...


She did enjoy gathering bullets and helping the boys, though (with her pink Rambo headband).


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Hannah said...

I am always in awe of parents who successfully pull off huge parties, with every detail attended to. That said, we also trade off birthday parties, and last time it was Ian's turn, he had something similar: an "all-out war" with homemade water cannons, shaving cream, water balloons, etc. This year it's his turn again, and believe me, the wheels in his head have been spinning for months now, masterminding an event that could possible live up to the high standard set by the last party. Just thinking about it makes me need to take a nap! :-p (It took five adults, I think, to pull off the last one!)