Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Many Faces of Lola ~ 20 Months


Many Faces of Lola Collage 2

I have to admit. It's been driving me crazy to have this expressive, silly little girl on my hands and not be able to share her with you since she hates facing the camera. But I caught her in a rare willing mood right after a nap.

She’s 20 months. Unbelievable, right?! She sleeps through the night (most nights). She is independent and opinionated. She doesn’t have very many words, but she is extraordinarily expressive and communicative in other ways. She understands and responds to everything we say (though doesn’t necessarily obey…). She now loves shoes and clothing. She takes one afternoon nap (usually not nearly long enough). She runs and climbs and loves to write all over anything and everything (herself, furniture…). She loves her brothers, but adores her daddy most. She finally learned to say ‘no’ and ‘mom.’ Often at the same time. {wry grin} And not ‘mama.’ She loves fine-motor challenges like putting a tiny straw into a tiny hole or threading cheerios on a wire. She LOVES her blankie. Her curls are looking adorable, but she still looks bald from the front. And no ponytails yet. {sniff} She weighs 27 lbs and is 34” tall. She loves chocolate and pizza. (See, she does take after her mother on rare occasion.) She loves attention (feel free to make funny faces or appreciate hers), but doesn’t want anyone in her personal space. She scratches up her face all the time because she hates to have her fingernails trimmed.

Many Faces of Lola Collage Many Faces of Lola Collage 3 Many Faces of Lola Collage 4 Many Faces of Lola Collage 5


Hannah said...

These are so precious! You really captured a range of her expressions, and her big personality shines right through. She's obviously no shrinking violet, much like my own youngest ... :-)

April said...

After *two years* of waiting, we finally have ponytails and pigtails. Don't worry momma, it'll grow and be worth waiting for. Adorable that Lola!

Timi said...

She is a lovely gift for you from God :o)!