Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Care to Vote?

A sweet blog reader directed my attention to the Circle of Mom Top 25 Homeschool Mom blog awards. (I’m on the Pending Approval list for a day.) If you are interested in checking out new (to you) homeschool blogs, head on over! And if you feel so led, maybe you can put in a vote for your favorite homeschooling blog. {hint, hint} You can vote once a day for the next 15 days!


Anonymous said...

You have my vote!! Thank you so much for all your wealth of information! I do have one question about choosing a kindergarten math curriculum, that I hope you could help with.I read that you used RightStart with your oldest son. Are you using it with your youngest son as well or just the Singapore math. Which one in your opinion is better for a kindergartner?
(We used a Math U See primer book for K4 and want to switch) I would be grateful for any input you have!
Sarah Little,Rock Arkansas

Heidi said...

Thanks, Sarah. :) I did use RightStart math with my oldest and liked it very much. But my next two boys were very different when it cames to math, and our life was different, too. :) I found RS to be very teacher-intensive, which was a little overwhelming to do with more than one child. And my younger boys picked up math concepts without formal curriculum at that stage. I only ended up using Singapore for a short while with my oldest, mostly. They are all 3 using Teaching Textbooks and Life of Fred at the moment. (My youngest son does both informally. He has had a very unstructured K year.) I would still recommend RightStart for K, as I think it is a very solid math foundation for elementary students. It is much more involved (both for the student and teacher, I think) and uses manipulatives and games heavily, which works really well for some kids. I can't compare it to Singapore K, though. Wish I could give you a more definitive opinion. :)

kate o. said...

i'm so thankful i came across your blog! thank you for all the lists and links and beautiful photos.

i picked up "deconstructing penguins" after looking back over some of your posts and am truly enjoying it. we have a wonderful library here and just participated in a family book club. i'll be sure to pass the book along to my librarian friend as she prepares for the next one this fall!

Heather said...

Heidi, I think you are one of the most deserving of some blogging encouragement. You provide a true mixture of beauty and ideas that very few can compare. Thank you!