Monday, June 18, 2012

Sand In Our Toes


Father’s Day seemed like a good excuse to head over to the coast. (I never can decide whether to call it the coast or the beach, but I just decided that ‘beach’ evokes images of warm sand, surf boards, and umbrella drinks; ‘coast’ makes me think cold, misty, and windy…We definitely visited the coast yesterday.)

Lola hadn’t changed her opinion about sand.


She did not want it touching her feet.


I told her to get over it. She gave me this look:


Daddy made things all better by giving her toys and showing her how to dig in the sand.
(Daddy always makes everything all better.)

life2012-06-17_0001DSC_0241ps life2012-06-17_0001DSC_0252ps

After that she was running around like she owned the place. But she wouldn’t look at the camera.

Or smile. It was serious business out here on the beach.


The boys needed no such introduction. It took them less than a split second to be covered in sand and water.


The cool weather didn’t dampen their spirits one little bit.


Luke was the first to fall in and get soaked. He wasn’t too sad about it.


I have pictures of Levi as a baby at the beach with HUGE grins on his face. As soon as he could walk, he was running through the sand ecstasy. This kid has always thought of the beach as heaven on earth.


My favorite people in the world:


The weather ended up not being as cold as I expected, and we had a fabulous afternoon together on our magical (if a bit misty and gray), secluded beach. (Russ was such a great sport and agreed to visit MY favorite beach even though it was Father’s Day…)

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Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Such gorgeous pictures, such bliss! I think my favorite one is Lola watching her brothers!

Hannah said...

Oh, I just love these. I haven't been to a beach like that in years, but your photos make me feel like I'm there! And Lola is such a character. :-)

April said...

That picture of Lola giving you "the look"-- a true LOL! And that's so typically mom and dad around here, too. Mom says, "Get over it" but daddy makes it all better. (At least with baby girl anyway.)

Shannon said...

Love these photos of some of my favorite people too! Every one is amazing sister!

Genesa said...

Beautiful! I agree with Levi, the Oregon coast=heaven on earth! (we just got back from vacationing in Oregon!)

Anonymous said...

Loved the beach pictures and the transformation in Lola was so fun to watch. It won't be long until she is out there in the water with the boys. Love, Grandma

Kiki said...

Loveeee all your pics. Love it... love it. Thank you for sharing!

theYoungerMrsWarde said...

I love how artistic your photos are! I would love to be able to get mine to look like this!