Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Swim Life


The boys had another swim meet. I made a point of hanging out all morning, which meant that Lola had to hang out in her play pen. She wasn’t thrilled. Leif tried to make it a little more pleasant by climbing in with her and messing around with the ipad, but even that didn’t last long.

Luke did well in his two events. This is only his second meet, and he didn’t get disqualified, so I’d call that success. {grin}

life2012-06-24_0001DSC_0092ps life2012-06-24_0001DSC_0094ps

Lola was able to get sympathy from another swimmer on the team who came over to play with her while I took pictures.


Levi did a good job, too.




Shell in your Pocket said...

I chuckled with the "disqualifying"- I so know what you mean with that!!!

Sandy toe

Kellie said...

We were a full-time swim team family until last March, so I know how fun yet exhausting those meets can be. I can't imagine doing it all with a toddler though! You deserve a trophy. ; )