Friday, July 20, 2012

At the Beach



We couldn't visit California without visiting the beach, could we? A beach oh-so-different from our Oregon coast (especially my favorite secluded spot). Aimee met us in San Luis Obispo, and we headed over to Avila Beach. It was so bright and sunny. There were palm trees. And there were (lots of) people. I suddenly felt as if I was finally on vacation.

The boys wasted not a second heading into the water. Luke, in particular, was in seventh heaven. I’m not used to having kids out in the surf. It was stressing me out a little (especially Luke, who loves to push the boundaries). I’m pretty sure Leif was the only person on the beach in a life jacket, but he likes wearing it, it kept the sun off of his back, and it made it a million times easier to pick him out of the crowd wading out in the water.


Lola would not touch the sand, and I have never been so thankful. After the pool episode, it was so relaxing to have her sit on the blanket and not move an inch. There were so many people, and it would have been an absolute bear to keep track of her and keep her safe. But the blanket was her choice, and so she was happy to stay there. Well, serious to stay there.


Have I mentioned how thankful I was for Aimee? And how awesome she is?

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We would have stayed for hours more, but, alas, that California sun was brutal to our white, Oregonian bodies.



Hannah said...

Could you please convey to your sister that her hair is what my (frizz-prone) curly hair aspires to? Many thanks, sincerely.

Lola cracks me up, as always.

Heather said...

Perhaps your cousin Aimee could be persuaded to move to Oregon? :)
Looks so lovely and you and your sister are so beautiful!

Ellen said...

I just found your blog through Life As Mom. The picture of your four children in the header just grabbed me. I have three little boys, and I want the end of my story to be a baby girl. As in "gotta let go of that idol" want it. So I don't know whether to be encouraged that you beat the odds or shout the hope down and accept my fate... But regardless, your family is lovely, and I'm enjoying your blog. =)