Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Anniversary Party

(The road trip, continued…)

When my grandpa (and grandma, aunt, and uncle) had arrived home from his doctor’s appointment, we left the park and headed over to my uncle’s house (they live next door to each other). My aunt told my grandma that she needed to come over to see something they were preparing for the anniversary party the next day. We were all waiting in the living room to surprise her. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen my grandma so speechless.

After hugs all around, she went to tell grandpa that he needed to come see something. He made his way over and entered the living room. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen my grandpa so shocked. He was thrilled to see us and there were more hugs all around.


We spent the rest of the evening eating and chatting. My cousin Aimee allowed the boys to all help her in the kitchen baking treats for the party because she’s awesome like that.

The next day we spent more time together chatting and getting ready for the party. My aunt and uncle had originally planned a larger 65th anniversary party, but due to my grandpa’s recent health issues and hospital stays (we didn’t even know if he would be well enough to spend time with us!) they decided to postpone a big party and just have family. My cousin Michael and his girlfriend joined us for dinner.

We made sure to get lots of pictures of everyone together. My grandpa was so perky!

GP and the boysDSC_0052psDSC_0061psDSC_0065psDSC_0077ps

Lola writing in the anniversary card for Grandma and Grandpa:


My aunt Melody and cousin Aimee: DSC_0094psDSC_0095psDSC_0116ps

The Great-Grandkids: DSC_0130ps

Grandkids: DSC_0150ps

Grandkids and Great-Grandkids: DSC_0131ps

My Mom and her brother John:


With Spouses: DSC_0165ps

And the Whole Crew:DSC_0141ps


Grandma and Grandpa really wanted pictures of them with Lola, but Lola was being her typical 'pay lots of attention to me, but don't touch me or put me near people I don't know' self. She started crying and didn't want to be set on Grandma's lap. Grandpa suddenly started wailing hilariously. We all joined in. Lola went from confused to bemused. Every time she started crying, we'd join her. I think she thought we had all lost it.



The whole time we were there, Ivy kept changing her outfits to match Lola. It was cracking me up!


Grandpa had written his life story and had it printed and bound into books for each of us.
He wrote a little personalized note in each of the books before giving them to us.


Aimee is so very talented with children, and she was such a blessing to me the whole time we were there. My kids adored her, and she is so fun to hang out with!


One thing we always do when visiting my aunt and uncle's house is play cards. I LOVED getting to play cards.


There was a whole lot of ipad/iphone time for the boys while we were there. It kept them out of trouble. Sort of.


Grandma took pity on Lola in her playpen (the only way I was able to play cards, since Holly and Aimee were playing too!).


(To be continued…)


Mon Cheri said...

You got fantastic pictures as usual.
Love them all.
Mine are hum-drum so I stuck them in collages and called it good!

Anonymous said...

hi heidi....what a treasure for all of you that your grandpa wrote out his life story. and lola, well, she simply cracks me up every time you write about her!

Hannah said...

What a gift from your grandpa (the biography for his posterity) and from you (all these lovely photos and the recap!) I especially love the ones of your grandparents with your children. Priceless.

P.S. I am so glad you got to play cards!!!