Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Road Home

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The time came to load up the crew and head home. Lola had been up much of the previous night all feverish. Which meant I had been up much of the previous night. But we packed up the truck and headed out at 8:30 am with the thought that we might just try to make it in one shot.

Breaking up the drive into two days is nice and all, but the prospect of unpacking everything, getting the kids to settle down and sleep in a hotel, and then getting everyone ready and packing it all up again the next morning was more than I could stomach.

Lola was a little fussier this time around. Considering her still feverish body and the four teeth she had just breaking the surface, I think she did well. We cranked up some rocking worship music and continued to head north.

It was blistering hot for much of the drive. I was so thankful for air conditioning as we watched the thermometer hover around 110 degrees for hours. We hit Redding and kept trucking. We hit Ashland and stopped for dinner. And changed Lola into jammies. We hit Canyonville for gas. Lola still wasn’t asleep. It was almost 10 pm. Holly took over driving for my dad, and Ilex got to ride the rest of the drive with me and my wailing baby. Fun stuff. At least it kept me awake.

It was midnight when we rolled into the driveway. I was so sick of being behind the wheel (I cannot believe how much road construction there had been!!), and so ready to put Lola in her own bed (and fall into mine without even changing out of my clothes). But we were home. In one piece.



Hannah said...

That, my friend, sounds RUGGED. You earned a badge for that one, for sure!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I know you're exhausted! Home is such a welcome sight after a trip! Love that second adorable!