Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Concerts in the Park


We have attended two Monday evening concerts so far this season. The first was a local swing band (oh, I love me some jazz and swing!), and the second was the Army Band Oregon National Guard (Sousa, Americana, and the 1812 Overture make me swoon!).

The Monday evening concerts are much more preferable to the Thursday evenings (in my humble opinion) in regards to content and crowd size. I love being able to arrive right at the start of the concert and have plenty of room to spread our chairs and blankets.

The fact that I love spending time with my family goes without saying, doesn’t it?


The view on the drive home from the first concert:


Lola was in rare form her normal self, ready to bring down the house. I had to bring the playpen along for sanity’s sake.


Just for fun, I managed to get a little video of her being silly. (This one has sound, but the sound doesn’t sound so great…)


Anonymous said...

You have a very silly little girl there!! She was really enjoying the music it seems. Grandm

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the other pictures of the rest of the family also. It looked like they were all enjoying the music, some more than others. Grandma

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

How fun! Lola just looks like a girl that enjoys life and doesn't want to miss anything. Reminds me of Joy when she was that age. When she got a little older, she told her aunt that naps were a waste of time. :)