Monday, July 23, 2012

Lavender Lovely


My sister rang the other day. Would you like to jet around the corner to visit a nearby lavender farm? I’ll pick you up in a minute.

Um, yeah!


Sister time. A lavender farm. A gorgeous day. Yeah, baby. (Speaking of which, she even has a little baby belly showing!)


My boys, upon hearing where we were going, immediately requested that we return with lavender ice cream for them. They still remember that from our visit to a lavender farm on San Juan Island three years ago! They are so silly.

No ice cream, but we came close! DELISH Lavender Swedish Cream. It took all my willpower to save them each a bite.



iloveherbals said...


First time seeing your blog. It looks lovely. I've never been to a lavender farm before. I wish you gave more details about the things you did. I love using lavender essential oils for massages and baths, it would be nice to visit a farm.

I've tried lavender ice cream before too, and I can understand why your boys would be addicted to it. Hope you are having a nice sunny day!


Heather said...

Your sister is so adorable!!!