Sunday, August 26, 2012



My awesome hubby took all four children to Night Glow at the Art and Air Festival while I was at book club discussing The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. He is awesome (and The Jungle is depressing, but my fellow book club peeps are marvelous).

Not only did he take all for kids to Night Glow, but he got up at the crack of dawn (which he is used to due to his work schedule) and took the older two boys to see the balloons lift off in the morning.Img2012-08-25_0029psImg2012-08-25_0061ps

Img2012-08-25_0008ps Img2012-08-25_0094ps

Not only did he get up in the early morning hours and take the boys to see the balloons, he headed over to the airport to stand in line for a very long time to sign the boys up for Young Eagle flights.


Lola, Leif, and I joined them at the airport. Lola thought it was a place full of wonder.

Img2012-08-25_0173psImg2012-08-25_0160psImg2012-08-25_0162ps Img2012-08-25_0230psImg2012-08-25_0236psImg2012-08-25_0234psImg2012-08-25_0239psImg2012-08-25_0243ps

Then it was time for the older boys to head out on their flights. Luke had been looking forward to this for a year. He was too young last year, but a pilot was at the airport giving free rides to younger kids! Luke is never one to turn down adventure!


Levi wasn’t quite as gung-ho. He is more timid when it comes to dangerous adventure, and he had never wanted to go flying before. But he did very well, and said he would love to go again!


I took the younger kids home for a nap (well, Lola got one), and the rest of the boys stayed to help my dad with his World War II display at the airport. Later in the afternoon they all came home to eat dinner and rest up for our evening adventure…


Hannah said...

I LOVE these photos. Once again, I wish I could take a class from you. (You know, on the weekend when I fly up there to diagram sentences with you.) Would you ask Russ, when you get a moment, if he knows which settings he used for the balloons being filled in the dark? I'm thinking a really high ISO, but what about shutter speed?

Levi and Luke re: airplane rides = Ian and Eliza re: roller coasters. :-)

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Great adventure!! Lola's red shoes... too cute. She owns the runway.

April said...

Stellar photographs. What do you use for editing these days now that Picnik is gone?

Heidi said...

Hannah~ He shot on auto and I just picked the best ones. The balloons generate a lot of light when they are all fired up. According to the image properties, it was ISO-720, aperture of 3.6, and exposure time of 1/15 sec. :)

Laura~ There is a funny story behind those red shoes. I love them, and Lola won't let me put on her brown sandals if she sees her red shoes, so I have to hide them sometimes. ;-P

April~ Thanks! I use photoshop for some of my editing, but now that Picnic is gone, I use It is so much like Picnic, that I don't miss it. :) Some things are better (like the collage application).