Sunday, August 26, 2012


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After resting up a bit, we headed back over to the park for a free concert with millions of other people. (Maybe not millions…)


Lola was in a silly mood. I was so glad she had had a long nap!

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The concert was outstanding. What a bunch of fun. Lola thought it was the best thing ever and spent the whole time rockin’ out!


The kids had glow sticks, which made dancing bunches of craziness.


The show ended with fireworks. Wahoooo!



Mary said...

Awesome pictures! Did Styx sing Mr. Roboto??? Fun!!

Heidi said...

They didn't! And I don't think my husband was the only disgruntled concert-goer. ;-P

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how grown-up-a- little-girl Lola is becoming. She's not so baby-looking as earlier. Loved the fireworks as I didn't get to see any this year. I loved all the pictures in this blog. Grandma