Thursday, August 16, 2012

Science Camp ~ Day One


I hate to brag, really I do, but I have awesome friends (and family). That’s all there is to it. Today, my good friend (and veterinarian with a passion for teaching kids science), Christina, spent 8 hours in the 95+ degree heat teaching 10 kids all about taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus, osmosis, diffusion, and fish complete with hands-on experiments, dissections!, and craft supplies (glue! glitter! colored paper! custom note-books!). (My sons just realized what a no-fun mom I am…)

Not only did Christina put a tremendous amount of effort into planning and organizing all of this, but she can answer all of the kids’ questions with intelligent, scientific explanations. (As opposed to ‘would you like me to read the chapter again?’) They even ended the day with popsicles and a water gun fight. I mean, seriously.

My sister hosted (and helped) the gang in her garden. My science-loving niece assisted. The kids involved are all great family friends. We are so blessed!

This is day 1 of a *3-day* science camp kick-starting our science studies in biology with our Classical Conversations group. What a way to wrap up the summer!

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Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh that looked like fun! Love the last pic of the boys....such simple fun!

Have a great weekend!

Jessye said...

I like that Levi seems to be armed to the teeth while doing his science project.

Heidi said...

LOL, Jessye! Yeah, he's very much in his own fantasy world. He's wearing a 'satchel' to corral all his treasures and a leather belt (I asked him *why?* and he said it is his 'signature'). He'll often wear brown or dark green pants and long-sleeved shirt, even when it is blistering hot. I'm surprised he didn't beg to wear his cloak to science camp (with his bow slung over his shoulder). Seriously, he is in his own little world...