Friday, August 17, 2012

Boys Camp (Year 7!)


I am just now getting a chance to go through the pictures Russ took at the 7th annual Boys Camp last month. Without any further ado…



Hannah said...

Ach! Be still, my beating heart!
It's so green! So lush! So non-100-degree looking!

Russ does you proud with his photography. Did he take that one of Levi riding toward the camera on his bike? That must have been a tough shot to catch! (When I try to get pics of kids moving toward me, I'm usually trying to take the picture AND move AWAY from them ... too fast for a good photo!)

What a wonderful way to celebrate the near end of summertime!

Mary said...

Awesome! Where is that?? It looks a little like Big Sur, CA where we used to camp. It looks so fun!

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful! Are you willing to share the location? I'm not that far from Oregon, and would love to visit that spot someday! Thanks for sharing the (always) beautiful photos!

Kim in ID

Heidi said...

These pictures were taken in the Willamette National Forest in Oregon, off of Hwy 20. There are many amazing recreational spots between the towns of Sweet Home and Sisters!

Unknown said...

The wilderness really helps to soothe the souls of boys. It gives them the opportunity to have fun while being responsible enough to take care of themselves. Camping is a great way for boys to learn new things about the world, and about themselves.

Georgine Roe