Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The King’s Bean Soup


My niece Ilex directed the kids and a few good friends in a play this week. It was a short comedy—perfect for their first play. Levi was the king, Luke was the beggar, and Leif was the court jester.

Img2012-08-21_0005ps Img2012-08-21_0008ps Img2012-08-21_0011ps

Parents and grandparents enjoyed the performance on our little ‘stage’ before partaking of a bean soup feast (taco soup with toppings and cornbread with honey-butter).



Laura at By the Bushel said...

You did it!!! You made a theatre on the porch!! Way to go! Looks like it was spectacular. love the throne!

Heidi said...

Ha! You remembered. :) I'm impressed.

It isn't quite as 'finished' as I wish it were, but yes, this was the first play they've done on our little porch theater.