Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Our charter school teacher organized an incredible day of adventuring beginning and ending with an Amtrak ride. We (a bunch of families from the charter school including my best friend and kids, Russ, the boys, and I) headed up to the capital by train, toured Mission Mill (complete with crafty wool activities), had free time for lunch, met up at the capitol building where the older kids took a tour (and Ruth and I took our younger kids through the park), walked through the Willamette University campus (with Russ as the tour guide of his alma mater), and rendezvoused (is that a word?) at the train station for the ride home.

100% chance of precipitation, thunderstorms, and cold was the forecast. The morning dawned gray with slanting rain. And we were going to be walking. Outside. A lot. We dressed accordingly. But, would you believe it? After dropping Lola off at my sister’s house (thank you, Holly!!), we made our way to the train station with the tiniest bit of blue sky peeking through the clouds. The sky was beautifully blue with white fluffy clouds for our walk from the train station to Mission Mill, and we had perfect timing with blue sky and rain storms for the rest of the day. Rain while we were inside. Blue while we were out. What a fabulous day!!

I love our charter school. I love our friends. It’s a good life.



Ruth said...

Wow! The photos make me feel like I'm there all over again. They are incredible! What great memories!

jeana said...

Stunning photos!! I would love to go there some day.

KellyinPA said...

Oh, how fun! I would love to do a field trip like that with our boys! Thanks for sharing!

Frannie said...

What a great trip. I sure wish Amtrak came to Astoria!!! I'd be on it all the time.

The Hayes Zoo said...

Oh my goodness - checking to see what this could look like coming down from our place. Hmmm....

Field trip!!