Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Book Detectives ~ Martha the Movie Mouse


For our third week of this round of Book Detectives, we read Martha the Movie Mouse, another charming picture book by Arnold Lobel. This one is a fun read-aloud due to the rhyming verse. (I try to select books most of the kids will not have read, but I like finding gems by familiar authors.)

This time we talked a little about protagonist, antagonist, and conflict—including how “man” can be any human or an animal/thing with human characteristics such as thought and emotion. Mice seem to be a popular choice for exposing man vs. society conflicts and themes of prejudice in children’s books. I wonder why that is? [ha!]



Karen said...

do you have the kids read the book before they come or read it all together there??

Heidi said...

I read the book to them. That's partly why I like using picture books so much. The kids really enjoy the read-aloud, and the book is super fresh in their memory when we go to discuss it. We often re-read parts of it to aid in the discussion--or look at the pictures for more clues. That also means that I am able to use more obscure books and the families don't have to find or purchase books. (And we don't have to deal with kids not having read the books...)