Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Filling Easter Baskets (Wait for it…)


With books!

I know I caught you off guard. Admit it. [smirk]

In all honesty, I don’t even have Easter baskets for the kids. Not special ones we use each year, anyway. I think there have been a couple times my boys didn’t even get Easter baskets!

But they are getting baskets this year. Not that I have anything planned or purchased other than books, but I’ll get around to it. And I’ll be sure to add something other than just books.

If your family does Easter baskets, what are your favorite fillers? (Help me out here with something other than the obvious candy.)

Now that the boys are getting older, I’m just purchasing a few picture books as “family gifts.” That way everyone can enjoy them, whether or not we feel like we should be too old for them. [Gasp! Too old for picture books? Never.]

The line up:


We have Brian Wildsmith’s gorgeous books Exodus and Joseph, so I'm excited to add The Easter Story to our collection. (The top image is from this book.)


After enjoying A Rock Is Lively from the library this past month, I decided that we needed a few more spring-celebrating books with gorgeous illustrations in our collection. An Egg Is Quiet is absolutely perfect. [I’d write a review, but I can’t top the glowing Amazon reviews.] I think we’ll add A Seed Is Sleepy and maybe even A Butterfly Is Patient, as well. Lovely. Just lovely.

Need more ideas?

Other favorites:


Sarah Steward and David Small, a husband and wife team, make a glorious combination. Oh, how I love The Gardener.


If Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie doesn’t make you want to try your hand at nature journaling, sketching, and water color, I don’t know what will. This 200 page book is a practical and inspirational delight.


For something more Easter-inspired (and more challenging for older kids), The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare is a great selection!

What are your favorite Easter or spring-inspired books?


The Prudent Homemaker said...

The Bronze Bow is really one of the most amazing Easter books. I love it.

I read something over on Money Saving Mom's Facebook page that interested me. A reader mentioned including a coupon/certificate to allow the person to get out of one punishment. I love that. I asked all of the parents in my Sunday School class if they would allow me to give one of these to their children. They said yes, so I will be doing this on Easter Sunday in class. I'm going to make one for each of my children as well.

Anonymous said...

I love Keeping a Nature Journal! We also love "The Secret Garden." :)

Ashley said...

I usually add some garden items to my kiddos Easter baskets. Seeds, new trowels, mini planters. They love to work outside in the gardens and flower beds so these are good gifts for them. Last year they each had a small paintable birdhouse as well. And of course a book for each!

Anonymous said...

We add a new devotion book to our son's basket every year.

carrie said...

We always do books as well. Plus consumable art supplies, paint and new play doh and stickers. I also put in silly string, they go out Easter morning in their PJ's and have a silly string "fight" :) Last year I did new sand toys and swimsuits...stuff we would have got anyway but was fun in the baskets in anticipation of the coming spring and summer!