Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Birthday Month



March was a favorite month growing up, second only to December. In addition to spring break, for our family it was birthday month. All three of us girls had our birthdays in March. It was one long celebration. Birthdays and spring. A lovely combination.

Now that we’re old older and schedules are crazy, we have one joint family birthday party in March. This month was a little crazy due to a recent out of state trip for some of us, a week of sickness for a bunch of us, and the fact that Easter falls in March (on my birthday) this year. But the weather was gorgeous today (it has been a long time since we’ve had good weather at Easter), and we had to take advantage with a simple get-together. Dinner and dessert (angel food cake with lemon curd and whipped cream—yum!) on the lawn at sunset. Thank you, Mom!!


I realize that I am posting a ridiculous number of kids-running-on-the-grass photos, but if you could only understand how gray and wet and cold and dreary it has been for months and how glorious a truly spring day is when it finally arrives you would forgive me. These pictures make me all smiles and gladness inside.

The kids wadded up all the wrapping paper and had a paper “snowball” fight.



Lauralli said...

How is it that your grass is so green? I live in Arkansas where our grass is brown & ugly from November til about mid April (it depends on how early or late our spring is--this year it is late!).

Hannah said...

Looks carefree and lovely and golden and green indeed. Happy birthday and Happy Spring to you, my friend!