Thursday, March 7, 2013

Larissa’s Baby Shower ~ Little Red Wagon Goes to Farmers’ Market


My sister Shannon has some magical event-planning skillz. You might remember her best friend’s wedding. (I had many posts full of pictures, and I won’t link them all…) Well, this was her best friend’s baby shower. And, again, I just got to show up and take pictures. And then post them on my blog so you can all enjoy the lovely. And it sorta looks like I had something to do with it. But I didn’t.

[Maybe y’all could help me convince Shannon that she needs to start a blog now that she’s home with sweet baby Rilla Grey. She could share all of her creative genius with us. I could link to her blog posts and feel better about the fact that I rarely post anything in the design category now that I have gravitated toward crisis-management mode. But I digress…]

Shannon and Larissa have spent many a summer Saturday at a local farmer’s market, ending their morning at Great Harvest Bread. Shannon did a terrific job of channeling a bit of summer for all of us.


Shannon set up a table full of scrapbooking supplies so that each guest could create a page for an alphabet/guest book. I took pictures of the guests with Larissa, so that the picture could be mounted on the back of each page along with a personalized note. The table was a busy place all afternoon—the guests really got into the spirit of things!!



Ariana Sullivan said...

I really love everything about that baby shower. Your sister's friend did an amazing job and you did a great job photographing it!

That's your sister holding Rilla, right? Rilla is a beautiful baby!

Anonymous said...

How lovely. She should definitely blog!
I have a 2 year old as well, did she make the cards for the book herself, because I would love to make one for him? Maybe I need a corner rounder...
Thanks for posting the pics