Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Sorry for the quiet blog this past week. I just finished up day two of speaking at our local Classical Conversations Parent Practicum, and it has been a busy time with activities, prep, and practicum. After tomorrow, my schedule is much lighter so I will be able to catch up on posts.

My family gathered for pictures on Sunday evening, taking advantage of having my grandparents here with us this month. (They leave this Friday, and we will miss having them here!) It made sense to capture individual family photographs while we were at it. This is the first family photo we’ve had in a very long time!


And a few more…



Rebecca said...

what a great picture of you! (I noticed in your sidebar even before the photo was done loading on the post!)

So nice to have that BIG family picture too- it is PERFECT- everyone looking perfect, no one goofing off. I swear, every big (or little) family picture I take has something (or someone) amiss in it.

I REALLY love the picture of your sister and her family- that right there is one of the best family portraits I have seen. Flattering, the baby is engaged and looking at the camera and cheerful and the parents just look so authentically GLAD to be them. Fabulous.
Soooooooooo- how did CC gooooo?

Denise said...

you are gorgeous!