Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Private Beach

Okay, it isn’t really our own private beach, but it feels like it! I’m finally posting more photos from our June trip, and this is only the first installment. I just figured I should break up the homeschooling/book list posts so y’all wouldn’t stop visiting Mt. Hope. I have the history and literature book list ready to go, though! Until then, here is some lovely scenery to enjoy…

Img2013-06-08_0056rsImg2013-06-08_0003rsImg2013-06-08_0027rsImg2013-06-08_0019rsImg2013-06-08_0050rsImg2013-06-08_0089rsImg2013-06-08_0109rsImg2013-06-08_0041rsImg2013-06-08_0088rsImg2013-06-08_0083rsImg2013-06-08_0085rsImg2013-06-08_0087rsImg2013-06-08_0100rsImg2013-06-08_0070rsImg2013-06-08_0064rsImg2013-06-08_0059rsImg2013-06-08_0063rs Img2013-06-08_0028rs Img2013-06-08_0043rs

And this one again, because I love it so much.


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