Friday, July 19, 2013

The Good Life ~ Your Turn to Play


I’ve been having some great conversations with friends lately on the topic of “the good life.” And I’d like for you all to have a chance to weigh in on the discussion. I’ll start with a simple question. You can share a “big picture” answer or specifically list details (or examples, no matter how small or “trivial”). I want your definition—not society’s. I’d really like to read specifics beyond living within God’s will for your life (if that is your preeminent definition), because I believe we have so many personal choices to make within that framework. (And we’ll chat more about the subject in a couple days.)

What is “the good life”?


Erin said...

Happily married, good health, children

Susan said...

Sometimes it's as simple as being able to buy food. Other times its the fellowship of like minded friends, hearty discussion, laughter, seeing our children play and enjoy each other -a time well spent. That's a good life. Isolation in contrast is not. It takes effort though. So I guess the good life doesn't just happen by default-we have to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

The good life for me consists of quality time spent enjoying those I love and those who love me. Destiny

jeana said...

The good life for me is enjoying where you are and who you're with. Enjoying the season you're in because they pass by so quickly. Even if it's not a good season, there's good stuff in it so don't miss it!

Gwen said...

Autonomy is an essential component of a good life for me. I love being an adult, for the simple reason that I am more in control with my life.

Rebecca said...

The good life is the life filled with gratitude.

A life full of thanksgiving for everything is a life REALIZING the gift of everything...and not just the good gifts, but the 'hard' gifts that help to mold and shape who we are. When we are thankful, contentment follows and contentment in ones' life is, I think, the only way life can be 'good'.

I am practicing the good life this week as the temperatures are nearing 100 and we have no air-conditioners or central air and our home is poorly insulated resulting in a sauna HOUSE. ;-)

But it IS the good life because- we can take cold showers when people around the world endure without; we can jump in a lake five minutes away when city-folks live among blacktop and concrete sidewalks; we have a garden flourishing which will come in mighty handy this winter; we enjoy the rain and the breeze a million times more when it finally comes. See? The good life!