Monday, July 22, 2013

In Which Lola Attends Her First Big-Girl Birthday Party


Lola received an invitation to attend her first “big-girl” birthday party for our friend Monet. Lola felt so important among all the other girls (around 8 to 11 years old), and she took this event oh-so-seriously.


(Some of you may remember, this is my best friend, who goes *all out* for her kids’ birthday parties. They alternate years between the two of them, so one year it is a girl party, the next is a boy party. Nerf War, Carousel, Indiana Jones, Fairy Princess at the Enchanted Forest, Dinosaurs…) This time around it was American Girl. Each girl was invited to bring her favorite doll. Char set the table with plates for the dolls, and they had miniature food to match the big girls (tiny tea sandwiches, fruit kabobs, ants on a log…).


The girls had their pictures taken with their dolls.



And played games. And made crafts.


And had a tea party.


And cake.


And got party favors.


And went home to take a nap.

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renee @ FIMBY said...

Heidi, this was so stinking cute. I mean, I oh and ah at every Lola photo but this post, oh man. Heart melt...