Sunday, July 7, 2013

Luke’s 9th Birthday Bash ~ Minecraft Style


(Better late than never…)

We celebrated Luke’s birthday last month (his birthday is actually May 30th) with a Minecraft-inspired snack table. (We had steak and bread and carrots for dinner—which I’m told are Minecraft-approved.) On the snack table we had Creeper Juice (limeade), Instant Damage Potion (rootbeer), mushrooms (potato chips), sticks (pretzel sticks), grass blocks and dirt blocks (brownies with and without green frosting), official Minecraft cake, sandstone blocks (rice krispie treats), slime balls (lime finger jello), snow blocks (jumbo marshmallows), TNT (red licorice), snowballs (mini marshmallows), and gold nuggets (Werther’s candies).


After dinner we had the traditional water fight. Lola thought she’d join in and then thought better of it. I think she just wanted to wear her bathing “soup.”

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Melody said...

Ha! Just did a Minecraft Bday for my oldest :-) Love your idea :-)
Mel W. Pasco,Wa

heather west said...

o.k. i just look at your blog mostly for the book suggestions, but dang. that last baby picture is amazing!!!!!!! what a great shot!

Kormain said...

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