Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Little Reality

Symposium @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I could just post the above picture and let you all get the impression that my house is always clean(ish) and my children are always waiting cheerfully for our new morning symposium to begin promptly at 8 am.

Or I could post pictures of the mess that I waded through in the week leading up to the above picture.

This next one is only a half-true picture. The mess got much worse before it got better. And you can’t see the entire area rug covered in stacks and stacks of books.

Living Room Mess @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

But if I want to make you feel really good about yourself, I could post the next picture, which is much more accurate.

Mess @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Yes, that should do it.


Melinda said...

Reality is that as a sister homeschooler, the first thing I did was zoom in to try to see the titles on your books. :) Thanks for the honesty! I think you and your family and your blog are awesome! I have been a faithful reader for a long time.

Timi said...

I always admired that you can be such a good teacher, mom and wife at the same time! :o)))
And you always find time to write in your blog about it ♥

Sarah said...

Really appreciate your authenticity & vulnerability! No judgement here.. I could post my own pics. ;)

Kara said...

I was always under the impression counters (especially kitchen) existed to have piles and piles of stuff on them... no? :) Thanks for being honest about what life is really like in your home!

Rachel said...

The last picture is probably one of my favorite pictures on the internet! You were brave but oh how I love the brave! I never thought you had a messy house. Thanks for being real!