Sunday, September 13, 2015

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After eight and a half years of blogging, I have to wonder if y’all are getting tired of seeing pictures of the same events year after year. Ha! We first attended the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire when Leif was one, and we’ve attended many years since—even when I was almost nine months pregnant with Lola!

The faire is held in the middle of nowhere on a huge field in a valley surrounded by stunning forested hills. Most of the faire is in the open field, but part of it is in the forest. That’s where we started out.

Into the Forest @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We visited the Pict settlement. Lola didn’t want to get too close to the head.

At the Pict Settlement @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

But she loved getting her face painted.

Getting Her Face Painted @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesPict Paint @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

My new favorite addition was the timeline fence that bordered the whole forest camp.

Timeline Fence @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesAngora Goat @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The kids’ favorite activity was rat-catching. They purchased rat-catching licenses and received a plastic bracelet. Costumed players with rat masks roamed the faire, and the kids had to find and catch them (the rats tried to elude capture). When caught, the rats would tie a ribbon on the children’s bracelets. This year a new ribbon was introduced: the big black ribbon with skulls on it. This meant that the (fleas on the) rat had given the child the plague and they had to return to the home-base to get cured. I think only Leif contracted the plaque (twice). The kids were also given a little scavenger hunt paper and they had to find various spots and ask for stamps on their paper. When they turned in their paper, they received a necklace with a tiny rat charm.

There were many different performance stages at the faire with various performers (music, magic shows, plays). Luke and Leif spent quite a bit of time at a small stage where a single guy was reenacting Harry Potter. Leif was excited to be called up as a volunteer.

Acting @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesTournament Field @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And, of course, the jousting tournament. The audience watched from the hill.

The Tournament @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesJousting @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The morning weather was perfect, in the 70s with a nice breeze, but it was getting quite hot by the time we left in the early afternoon. I always feel sorry for the knights jousting in 90 degree weather, and they had another performance late in the afternoon.

Tents @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesRenaissance Musicians @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Renassaince Faires! My family and I went to a local one last year and had a fantastic time! We saw some jousting, my boys bought horns made from bull horns and wooden swords and shields that they brought home and painted. We saw a glass blowing demonstration that mesmorized all of us for an hour! And my boys got a kick out of it when I was "captured" by a "salesman". He asked me if I would like a free bracelet (and me being who I am and not wanting to hurt anyones feelings obliged). As soon as he put the bracelet over my wrist he promptly tightened it and pulled me over the counter. He then asked me to read the buttons on his hat..."Be Aware", "Do not talk to strangers", and "Do not trust everyone you meet" were all over his hat! What a lesson we all learned! HAHA!!! We also enjoyed some really wonderful food! I am looking forward to another trip to the Renassaince Faire! So glad you enjoyed your time there!

Gretchen Cooley