Friday, September 11, 2015


The Willow @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I know I shared pictures of our “1st Day of School” but I’d be lying if I said we’d actually, you know, started school. ‘Cause I’m not ready.

I spent all day, today, up to my eyeballs in books and trash and dust and bins (and more bins) full of random junk that has been accumulated in the past decade. My house was, and is, a mess. But there’s progress, so that’s good. And, while I was distracted, Luke made cream puffs with vanilla pudding filling, and those were also good.

Our first day of Classical Conversations (and my first day of tutoring Essentials) is Monday. So next week is our first official week of the school year. Lots on the to-do list in the next two days!

Yesterday we had a fantastic start to this year’s Book Detectives club. I think there were 35 or more of us! Next week my Schole Sisters meet at my house to pick up where we left off in Hamlet.

We may attend the local Renaissance Faire tomorrow.

I still have a few summer posts to catch up on—like the rest of our beach trip and more pictures from our traditional “1st Day of School” hike. Oh, and the boys’ reading list.

And, for the sake of randomness, I am sharing this picture of Leif’s Pokemon birthday cupcakes from last month. A month late. It’s all good, right?! I remember when I used to plan elaborate birthday parties with invitations and decorations and themed food. Now, this is as good as it gets. The good news is that Leif thought the 144 mini Pokemon figures I purchase were the greatest thing ever. Who needs fancy invitations? I guess my boys couldn’t care less.

Leif's Cupcakes @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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Kellie said...

I love your big willow tree. So lovely! Hope your first day of CC is wonderful! We started a few weeks ago and we're still not quite in the swing of things. Our community switched from Tuesdays to Mondays, which overall is better for my schedule, but I miss having Monday to tie up any loose ends.