Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Wedding Reception

View @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Today we attended a wedding reception for my cousin (once removed). It was at a stunning private residence. Our Oregon weather has been unpredictable the last few days, overcast and sprinkling this morning, but this afternoon was 70 degrees with a gorgeous blue sky.

Did I say this home was stunning? I understated the case. I could have taken so many more pictures, but I chose to enjoy visiting with family instead.

We enjoyed mini golf.

Mini Golf @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And chess.

Chess @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And more mini golf.

More Mini Golf @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

(Lola spent quite a bit of time in the sand trap.)

Gardens @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We walked on the paths and enjoyed the pond and waterfalls and miniature creek.

Water Feature @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We enjoyed wonderful food.

Reception @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After a private tour of the secret library (seriously, hidden entrance and a loft with stairs and everything) and a dinner of ribs and clam chowder and sparkling cider, this child declared that he was never going to leave. I think he enjoyed himself.

Dinner @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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