Sunday, January 25, 2009

Art and Music

Art: Art has been the easiest subject to incorporate into our days. Our shelves are full of books of beautiful art, and we've borrowed additional titles from the library. You can find many of my recommendations here in my Amazon book store, or by clicking on the Fine Art Friday label.

Very simply, I try to read/view at least one book weekly with the boys. Sometimes our art book selection corresponds with other studies such as geography or science. More often, though, I just grab a book, and we enjoy it while sitting on the couch together. Occasionally, we'll view additional masterpieces by an artist on the computer, possibly printing a favorite for our collection.

Don't skip art because it is too overwhelming to plan for (when added to everything else on the list)! Add an art book to your library list and just make a point to look at it with your children sometime during the week. Stock your shelves with a few quality books of art and let your children gaze at them during quiet time.

We began reading Cave Paintings to Picasso this past year in conjunction with our history studies and will continue using it as a resource in the coming years. This book features 50 masterpieces from around the world, arranged chronologically with descriptions and historical information.

I also hope to begin drawing (very informally) with the boys every week or two using the Draw Write Now series.

(Art updates will be posted with the Fine Art Friday label.)

Music: I wrote a little about our music studies here, but I'll summarize again for you. I like to read a book once a week, either a picture book about a musician or a page or two from books such as Story of the Orchestra (a terrific introduction to instruments and famous composers), A Child's Introduction to Ballet, or Bravo! Brava! A Night at the Opera. Either at that time or later in the week we listen to a CD, watch a performance on DVD, watch a You Tube clip, or learn more about a composer at Classics for Kids. I don't put much (or any) time into planning for these lessons and keep the atmosphere very casual.

Levi has now been taking piano lessons for almost a year (thank you, Lynn, for being a wonderful instructor!!), and I am considering starting Luke this year, as well. I very much love the beginning piano books that Levi is using. Simple classical melodies, hymns, and jazz tunes enhance our music studies. I try to have Levi practice daily.

(Music updates will be posted with the Music label.)


Shell in your Pocket said...

Wonderful pictures!
-sandy toe

jodi said...

as a classical homeschooler for more than 10 years, heidi, i applaud you sharing simply and succintly this method that became such an integral thread of the tapestry of our lives. now that my kids are in public school, the geography/music/art threads are one that still resonate deep with each of them (we just got our new nature sketch journals today!)

some of the best art books we've enjoyed are the "come look with me" series--and they make great coffee table books too.

another free computer game your kids would enjoy would be seterra. my kids were so competitive even child #6 would try his hand at it at 4 yrs old. now that he can read, he does much better :)

you brighten my day-