Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Birthday Party Tradition

Wild Ride

This is our third year of summer birthday parties at our place in the country. At Luke's third birthday, a tradition was born. Every available wheeled large toy (and we have hundreds... or maybe just 15, or so) was carted to the top hill behind our house. Wild rides then ensued. We began handing out waivers to all the parents... Later in the summer, Leif's birthday continued the mayhem. I think this year, the kids went straight for the hill....

Ready, Set...

Wild Ride Collage

When the kids have had their fill of coasting down the hill, all wheeled vehicles are discarded by the wayside, and the kids head to the hose. Water fights begin in earnest. Water guns to begin with. Then they move on to cups, buckets, whatever is handy. Even the little kiddos get in on the action. We sent a child or two home wrapped in towels... Good, clean fun, folks. Good, clean fun.


Wet Collage


Ruth said...

Aren't summer birthdays fun?! I have two kids with summer birthdays and they are so much fun--for everybody!

Carri said...

That looks like so much fun. My youngest has a summer birthday and they always stink since we live in ana aprtment with no yard and since he is still young he doesnt keep in touch with his school friends over the summer. You showing me your party makes me want to get all his friends numbers before school ends just to have a fun outdoor party.

K-Sue said...

What fun! It seems that no matter what formal activities are planned, they really just like playing the best.