Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Chapter... the Shakespeare Project.

Two years ago, just as I was beginning my blog journey, we began an ongoing Shakespeare project. Having no Shakespeare experience, we dove in headlong. In the past two and a half years, we've read or listened to many retellings, watched a handful of movies, memorized a monologue or two, and attended 11 live plays! (Six of those plays were thoughtfully abridged and presented as double features.)

This past weekend we attended our 3rd Bard in the Quad, an outdoor performance at Oregon State University. I love the venue and the past plays have been fabulous. I must admit, though, that I was disappointed in Twelfth Night. The interpretation lacked the pizazz of past performances (which included army jeeps, swing dance numbers, and a hilarious 'synchronized swimming' routine) and emphasized the crude humor and innuendos (not really appropriate for family entertainment) more so than the previous two plays. Sigh. All things considered, we had a wonderful evening.

Shakespeare Project


heather said...

This was our first Bard in the Quad. While the actors in the performance were quite talented, the sexual innuendo was over the top at times. Disappointing, and at times embarrassing as I had two of my kids with me, but also a teaching moment. C had read the play beforehand and was shocked at how they portrayed scenes that she interpreted quite differently. We were able to talk about how Shakespeare can be interpreted so differently and about what makes for "good art" as opposed to simply being crude and unnecessary.

Still, I look forward to attending next year and hope for a more classy performance.

grandma and grandpa said...

We here have little experience with Shakespeare but your video was "neat" that you can create with picnik. The family picture was cute too.

jodi said...

ah, twelfth night is one of my girls' favorites. too bad it wasn't family friendly, i hate that.
i'm so very happy to be back in a town that does shakespeare for free. our outdoor venue got rained on this year, but i was able to go to the rain option (rafters theater... because, y'know, it's in the rafters of an early 19th century building. lovely setting, but very small) with my 13yo girl and 10yo boy. it was much ado about nothing, which, while the kenneth branagh version has a few risque/nude parts, was very well done at this university, and extremely family friendly.

it's worth the effort i say! (and when your son breaks out into shakespearean dialect in public as my now 10yo did when he was 5, he *will* get strange, but delighted looks :) )
be blessed, heidi-

Val in the Rose Garden said...

That looks awesome! I am off to look at your project... that is very interesting and I have a teen that may really enjoy it. :)


Anonymous said...

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