Tuesday, August 11, 2009

With Friends

Pool Olympics

There is something to be said for remaining on good terms with your previous employers.
Especially when they are as fun as Connie and Bob. And they still invite you to work parties.

We were at Connie and Todd's house for their pool party and BBQ this past weekend.
Todd and Connie know how to host a great party. We almost didn't go home.
Their daughter and cousin took charge of the boys, playing board games,
while the adults had a moment of quiet conversation near the pool as darkness fell.

Todd tried to convince us to stay, telling us what he would make for breakfast,
and that the boys could spend the next day in the pool and on the 4-wheeler,
but in the end we drug our tired bodies on the hour drive home.

Good times.

With Friends

It's All Good

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Lora @ my blessed life said...

Hi, Heidi,
I just wanted to drop by to say thanks for the help you've given me with my homeschool planning this year:) Your post of *homeschooling the Heidi way* has been tremendously helpful to me. I've even linked to it from my blog post that I just put up. Thanks again!