Monday, August 10, 2009

More From Boy Camp 2009

Base Camp

But the place which you have selected for your camp,
though never so rough and grim,
begins at once to have its attractions,
and becomes a very centre of civilization to you:
"Home is home, be it never so homely."

~Henry David Thoreau

Setting the stage....
(Above is the boys' camp site, below are various scenes around the camp grounds.)

My Eden

Levi found himself a magic spot and spent many hours here:

Levi Heaven

I love that my boys have a chance to return year after year to explore the same ground, get to know every rabbit trail and memorize the perfect hand-and-foot-holds on each big climbing rock. In short, to make this magical spot 'theirs' just as it is mine from my childhood.

While some things stay the same from year to year, much also evolves. Large rocks and logs change the landscape (especially at the falls) over the course of each winter. The first time up in the spring or early summer is a time of discovery. What stayed the same? What is new? The creek changes it's meandering path all year long, as the water rises and then lowers.

Sticks and Stones and Waterfall

There are endless places for exploration, discovery, and adventure.

On the Rocks

Leif could not have been more ecstatic
to join his brothers on the last day of camp.
He can't wait to be one of the 'big boys' next year!!

Boy Camp Joy

Camp Activities

Explorer Luke

Luke, in his second year at 'boy camp,' was in seventh heaven.
He was so excited to be trail leader when I came up with Leif.

Explorer Luke (2)


Skeller said...

oh goodness, this place has all the ingredients of fairytales!

Becky said...

This looks awesome. Great images.

You don't know me.....But, I have a question for you. How do you reformat your screen so images are wider like yours? Does that make sense. I want my blog to take up the whole screen like yours does!

Heidi said...

Susan~ Yep, fairytales. Seriously.

ABC Graf~ I have a link to the instructions in the photography link on my side bar:

I'm technically challenged, so my hubby had to help me figure it out. :)

jodi said...

*great* campsite, heidi. it reminds me of the place my family went to in rhode island every summer to camp. i returned there on my honeymoon when we passed the town, and couldn't believe how small the stream had (seemingly) gotten, and how much bigger than life my memories were.

good, good memories.
you are such good parents...!!!

Shannon said...

We have spent so much time camping this year... which has really opened up a whole new world for my family! Looks like a BEAUTIFUL place... somewhere that could be close to my home! :)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! I would be tempted to tag along at Boy Camp (not really--I'd appreciate the alone time and quiet too much, I think). Thank you for sharing!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

Wow! What an enchanted place! I bet the kids love it there and the fact that you were there as a child makes it even more special.

Sarah said...

These just take my breath away & leave me wanting more. So wonderful & beautiful, yet so simple.
It does remind me of times when I was little with family on a summer afternoon.
God is so good!

Ruth said...

We didn't get a chance to camp this year, but your wonderful photos kind of transported my mind! It's great that they go to the same campground each year. We usually try new places each time. Thanks for sharing and allowing my mind to wander!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Now that's a boys' paradise!

LifeasParents said...

The campground reminds me of dreams I had of what my own family experience would be one day. Having just had my first child, male, these photos actually make me contemplate a second (child, male). Those boys must be some of the happiest on earth. How absolutely lovely.

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Stunning. I want to go. My first visit to your site and my second comment: You are an amazing photographer!

I think that is what stands out the most about your blog is the fantastic photos!

Florida Life said...

What campsite is this?! It's gorgeous!