Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hope Quote

As I mentioned (for those of you who made it aaaalll the way to the end of my Note to a Friend),
I am on a quest for Lovely. (Much more about that coming up later this week....Stay tuned.)

As a visual person, much of what moves me is
artistry, nature, moments, details,
and emotion captured in images.

I receive so much encouragement and hope from God's astounding artistry in nature.
It reminds me that He is a God of beauty and hope and strength.
I feel as if I have an opportunity to participate in that artistry with my camera,
and focusing with my lens causes me to observe, interact, appreciate,
and drink in what I normally would not take the time to acknowledge.

I am also deeply affected by the friendships and human connection
I've experienced through this blog. You all, with your comments,
support, and interaction, have meant more than you realize.

You are lovely to me.

What encourages you?

I'm (in).


MomStarr said...

I am deeply encouraged when I see the promises of our faithful God come to pass. I am encouraged when His Spirit leads a sinner to repentence. Christ the King is indeed lovely. I am encouraged that my name is written in the Lamb's book of Life. God bless you Heidi. Thank you for your exaltation of our God.

Jennifer said...

Your photographs are stunning, and your arrangement as a collage is very artistic. I'm glad I stopped by!

I am encouraged by the fact that the phrase "do not fear" occurs 365 times in the Bible--that's one for every day of the year!

grandma and grandpa said...

I would echo what the above commenter said - we certainly have to have all our hope in our wonderful saviour and in His word that we need to go to everyday. But to encourage you also, I would say YOU encourage me, Heidi, with the insights you bring out in your blog. I love it. The people pictures and the beautiful scenes from God's creation, Scripture verses and your comments. From a very proud Grandma

Timi said...

I am encouraged by the Word of God, especially the Psalms.

Holley - (in)courage said...

Thank you for being the first to link up on (in)courage! I'm so glad you stopped by! I love your HOPE collage. I wear a ring with "hope" on it every single day--much like my wedding band it's a commitment to God to live in hope no matter what happens. So nice to "meet" you, lovely heart, and look forward to knowing better.

Becky Avella said...

I just stopped by from the (in)courage site. I have a friend who is a photographer, and I'm always amazed at what she sees and shares with her photos- things I would have missed because I wasn't looking.

I love your hope collage, too. I'm excited to visit your blog again. : )

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...


You paint beautiful pictures with your words not just your camera.

Well said.

Encouragement is what happens when one soul recognizes goodness in another and calls it out. I'm so grateful for sincere compliments and feedback from other people. Words lift me up. People's words encourage me.

Blessings, on you and yours this year as you begin a new chapter of homeschooling.

Unknown said...

The picture collage was a treasure to open and savour on my early morning quiet time.
Sincere thanks for that , and for what looks to be a beautiful blog that I will certainly revisit.

Amy said...

I am encouraged by Numbers 6:24-26 today! I think (in)courage is going to be a great website! Stopping by from there to say hello. So glad that I did.

Angela Nazworth said...

This is so beautiful and I am glad it led me to your lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

Amen! God is a wonderful ENCOURAGER indeed!!! :)

thanks for sharing.

amber (

ps. found your link at {in}courage

Angelique said...

Your blog is beautiful may Abba continue to bless your journey.

Goat Gal said...

What a blessing that your gift allows you to further appreciate Gods creation.

Heathahlee said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing the loveliness you see with the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful mosaic of gorgeous moments in time! You are much like me! I love to capture the beauty of life through photography. I tend to spice it up a bit more by adding a verse to some of the pictures I capture.
God bless!

Shannon said...

There is hope all around, in everything we say, see and do! Thank you for the beautiful images as I think about that very powerful word!

{oc cottage} said...

Your collage has encourgaed me!!! Just lovely!!

m ^..^