Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Entertainment

Concerts in the Park

Need perfect family summer entertainment?
One of our favorites is the summer concert series at a local park.
Although the Thursday evening series is well-known and highly attended,
we prefer the much quieter (and much less attended) Monday evening series.
We can show up just as the concert starts (or later), easily find a parking space,
and settle our blanket near the stage, with room to roam.
The boys can still squiggle, talk quietly, dance a little, read a book,
flirt with fellow concert-goers, or devour an ice cream cone.

Leif ran out of staying power before I was ready to leave the concert.
He decided to entertain himself by making faces for the camera.
What a ham.

(I'm having trouble getting the slide show to work. Hmmm.)


Aunt Shan said...

Your slide show works, and it's the highlight of my morning! Love that boy!!!

Mrs. E. said...

I love the slide show! I haven't been to Picnik in a while. What fun!

grandma and grandpa said...

Loved the slide show also. What a "card" he is, also a cutie and getting soooooooooo grown up. I can't believe it.