Friday, August 21, 2009


MM Sneak Peek

I had my first senior photo session this past week. What a blast!
Melissa was game for anything, and wanted artistic and dramatic, so... here you go, girl!
Lots more photos to finish up, but these are some of my favorites.


Laura at By the Bushel said...

She's gotta be sooo excited! These are great- my favorite is the sunset photo- great shots!

Shannon said...

GREAT job with this shoot! These are BEAUTIFUL! She will be quite pleased, I'm sure!

Unknown said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations on your win at I heart faces this week! Awesome job!

Rebecca said...

stunning shots!!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, you are so very talented!


Anonymous said...

Great job!!!!you have such a great talent!!!congratulation..
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Anonymous said...

These are awesome. I love the dark silouette portrait the best.