Friday, August 6, 2010

Five Favorites

I'm just in the mood to share five favorite books off the top of my head, today. (What a strange combination I came up with!) Ask me tomorrow, and I'll give you five different books. {Grin} And these are much more personal than my list of seven books every school child should read.

Perelandra by C.S. Lewis

The Little French Girl by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
(review here)

You know I want to know your five favorites, too. Do share!!


Jessye said...

I am reading Watership Down for the first time right now. Nick is really annoyed because he can't understand why I suddenly feel such a kinship with rodents.

Jessica Stock said...

That's tough . . . off the top of my head: Walking on Water (L'Engle), Abba's Child, The Help, The Thirteenth Tale, Little Bee (just read)

Shell in your Pocket said...

We love Maggie Rose!

sandy toe

~beautyandjoy~ said...

I love your lists! I just have such a hard time coming up with my own! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the list! I added these to my list of books to read with my children! :)

A few of my favorites for children...Calico bush, Understood Betsy, The Sign of the Beaver, The Chronicles of Narnia...

Heidi said...

Jessye~ Shannon has tons of wild rabbits around her house, and we can't see them without thinking about that book. :) (I was stunned to feel so profoundly about a book about rabbits...)

Jessica~ I loved Walking on Water!

Sandy Toe~ It thrills me to find out someone else has even read Maggie Rose. Glad you love her!!!

Misha~ I'm a list-a-holic. :) It is so hard to pick favorites, though, isn't it?!

Jenn~ Depending on the ages of your children, you might want to stick with Maggie Rose. :) Understood Betsy was a fabulous book. The Sign of the Beaver is on my to-read list.

Shannon said...

Jessye - I really keep thinking about watership down, two years later! And I was so reluctant to read it! Bunnies, ships and what? But I just LOVED it! I have your book I need to return!

mdvlist said...

I like the idea of a "favorites" list that requires no justifications!

Emily of New Moon (L.M. Montgomery)
A Mixture of Frailties (Robertson Davies)
Some Tame Gazelle (Barbara Pym)
Corgiville Fair (Tasha Tudor)
Till We Have Faces (C.S. Lewis)

Anonymous said...

So.... is the Maggie Rose book a children's book or an adult book? i.e. would a 6 year old boy like it for a read aloud?


Heidi said...

mdvlist~ Corgiville Fair?!!!!! That is one of my FAVORITE picture books. My middle guy was reading it before bed a couple nights ago. ;-)

Christina~ Maggie Rose is a children's (chapter) book. It has a few great illustrations by Maurice Sendack throughout. It is about a spunky 8 yo girl who plans her own Christmas Eve birthday party. Jake would probably enjoy it, but it isn't a very BOYish book.

mdvlist said...

Yes, Corgiville Fair has been a major favorite for my oldest boy (now 4) since he was 2, and it's one of the few picture books that I NEVER get tired of reading. Our treasured copy is a library reject from a book sale, but we have a new copy in reserve, just in case!

And speaking of library rejects, my own aged copy of Maggie Rose arrived in the mail today. How could I not hunt it down after such a glowing endorsement? Do you think we can get away with reading it this far out from Christmas?