Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Seven ~ Week 31

Shoreline of Wonder

1:: I shouldn't have used the words 'perfect storm' when describing what I hoped for this past week. Instead of a perfect storm of energy, well-behaved boys, and self-discipline, I got a perfect storm of nasty cold for Luke, Leif, and myself. Did you know that your immune system is suppressed during pregnancy so that your body doesn't reject your baby? (I didn't either, but I read it here. And everything you read on the internet is true.) That explains why I was on the couch, dead to the world, for a couple days. Sigh.

2:: A friend (thanks, Cheris!) invited us to another VBS this week. Levi and Luke made it 4 days. Leif was able to go and was well enough 3 days. I was so thankful to have some quiet (nap) time in the mornings while nursing my cold. The boys were in heaven. Levi decided that is what he wants to do for the rest of the summer. Awesome. There is one just around the corner from us in another week. Who needs elaborate family vacations? (Not us, obviously.)

3:: After accomplishing NOTHING all week, Russ and I worked like crazy to make progress on Saturday. I feel like I can finally breathe. Still a looooong way to go, though. (I have high hopes for this next week, but I refuse to use the words 'perfect storm' again.)

4:: Blackberries galore. Just sayin'.

5:: Yes, we should have kept the ball rolling on the to-do list. Yes, the day dawned cool and drizzly. BUT, Russ suggested we get out of Dodge. And we needed to get out of Dodge. I'm so very glad we got out of Dodge. (See above photo.)

6:: On our way out of Dodge, we sang at the top of our lungs to the CD we purchased from the VBS the boys attended this past week. The songs were terrific, and I didn't feel quite as heathenish for missing church this morning. On the way back to Dodge, we listened to our new poetry CD, Peter and the Wolf, and The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra for our fine arts study. (Must post about those this next week.) See? We did accomplish something today. Oh, and the boys explored tide pools with Dad...

7:: Because I have to have a link for you in here somewhere, I really enjoyed a fellow homeschooling mom's thoughts on Classical Conversations here and here.

Have a lovely week!!!!


Rachel P. said...

There must have been something about Sunday. The weather maybe? We ended up skipping church as well and having a much needed day at home wearing our pajamas for most of the day and not worrying about much on our to-do lists. And we missed you by one day at the coast! We were there Saturday at Siletz bay to see the Sand Castle Competition. It's good to "get out of Dodge" from time to time, isn't it?

~beautyandjoy~ said...

I keep coming back and looking at that photo - it's a stunner, Heidi. Really incredible. The quote with it is just perfection.