Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Senior Sneak Peek

Alex 2011

I managed to sneak in a senior photo session before closing down shop for baby season. {Grin} We had so much fun galavanting around the countryside. Thanks, Alex, for being such a great sport! You are gorgeous, and certainly made my job easy. I have lots of photos to finish editing, but couldn't resist sharing a few.

Alex Senior Collage

Alex Senior Collage 2

Alex Senior Collage 3

Alex 2


Janelle said...

Great job Heidi! My favorite are the two black and whites and the close up of Alex in her car! Thanks for all the time you spent with her. She said it was a lot more fun than she thought it was going to be.

Susan said...


Jenn said...

How fun! Gorgeous photos of a beautiful gal. And now someday her children can find her old senior photos and say, "Mom, what was up with your hair??"

I remember asking my parents if "everyone styled their hair that way?" I'm getting old enough now that I'm asking that about the current styles.

Skeller said...

Heidi!!!!! These are all such gorgeous images - Alex is wonderfully photogenic, your "backdrops" are fabulous, and your artistic flare is, as always, top notch!

I surely love these current brand of Senior pictures - they're so much more personal than the dreadful black-drape-black-backdrop that was req'd when I was a Senior way back in the dark ages ... ;-)

Beth said...

Beautiful photos--beautiful girl!! LOVE the umbrella, too. She will love having these as her senior photos, I'm sure. Your talent always amazes seeing your work! Thanks for sharing.

By the way, I'm needing some new books--any suggestions?? ;)

April said...

Umbrella in vintage car is my favorite. I'm so excited to share in your baby season via your blog!

Beth @ Pages of Our Life said...


These are gorgeous! What great locations too.

trinward said...

LOVE, love, LOVE the pics, as always! I also love the ones in the car, especially with the umbrella! Oh, and Alex . . . I Love your boots! :)

Anonymous said...

Heidi you never cease to amaze me!! These pictures are wonderful! I agree with all of the other comments, you are so talented. Thank you for using your gift to bring joy to so many people!! :)