Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sharing a Love of Reading: Book Clubs for Young People

Luke with Book

Have you ever finished reading a book and craved to share the experience with someone? Maybe you wanted to find out if they loved the same characters, if they identified with the emotional theme, if they were frustrated by certain events, or if they understood why the author chose to weave the story in a certain way.

My most favorite way to treat myself socially, emotionally, and intellectually is to attend a monthly book club. I’ve been involved with the same wonderful group of ladies for over six years. We each anticipate the evenings of sharing our love of reading. Through this connection, we deepen our understanding not only of the books we read, but also ourselves.

Our children can benefit in the same ways when they are regularly involved with friends, family members, or mentors who encourage their appetite for books and the ideas within.

For homeschooling families, book clubs may also be a valuable way for children to gain experience and confidence sharing their thoughts and ideas within a group atmosphere.

The possibilities for book clubs are as endless as one’s imagination, but I’d like to share a few spring-board ideas for organizing groups for young people.

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Hannah said...

Just left you a comment over at SH ... but forgot to tell you, Brave Irene is one of my absolute favorites, too. I've been mentally compiling a list of Picture Books No Childhood Should Be Without, and this definitely makes the list! (Along with another by William Steig -- Amos and Boris.)