Monday, August 16, 2010

Ivy, Drake, and Ilex

Holly (& Ivy)

While we are on the subject of homeschool students, let me introduce you to my partner in crime. {Grin} My stupendously amazing sister, Holly, also homeschools her children. Her two oldest kids went to private school for a few years. She pulled them out and began homeschooling them in grades three and five.

Four years of world history (ancients to modern), literature, science (biology, earth and space, chemistry, and physics), math, writing, grammar, Latin, Spanish, and logic are now under their belts. I can't believe how much they've learned and grown!!! Holly has a new-found passion for history and literature. She will also tell you that if she can teach Latin and grammar, you can too.

Holly's youngest, Ivy, along with her cousin, Jacob (whom Holly watches 3 days a week), joined the ranks this past year as Kindergarteners. Jacob's mom, Christina, put a huge amount of work into their K curricula and planning and taught them one day a week, while Holly followed the plans the other days. (Christina, a veterinarian with a passion for science, also taught science class for Ilex and Drake.) (Our Dad taught Spanish this past year.)

This year brings a few changes. Ilex, Drake, Ivy, and Jacob will all attend Classical Conversations (with my boys!). Holly is tutoring a 6-7 year old CC class. Christina will continue to plan Ivy and Jake's school lessons and teach one day a week. Holly will teach the other days as well as monitor Drake and Ilex's progress with CC and supplement with additional history studies.

Well, I'll just be quiet and let Holly tell you about them.....

Ivy ~ 1st Grade

Ivy, Miss Kitten, will be turning 6 and starting 1st grade in a couple weeks. She is jabbery at home, but very quiet and shy around others and often in her own kitty world. When she isn't in her own world, she enjoys playing with her cousin Jake (who is at her house 4 days a week and is sometimes in that same kitty world with her), coloring, drawing or taking care of her baby dolls.

Ivy will also be participating in CC classes. She knows how to read and will be working on math, spelling, grammar, history, literature, Latin, science, art, and Bible. Her teacher will attempt to bring her out of her kitty world long enough to concentrate on the task at hand.

Drake ~ 7th Grade

Drake, Mr. Independent, is 12 1/2 and going into 7th grade. He doesn't say much, but his mind is constantly (yes, even during grammar) thinking up or researching new contraptions to make or modify. He usually gets his schoolwork done quickly for the express purpose of having plenty of time to read Back Yard Ballistics, visit the instructing YouTube videos on creating, rewiring or modifying some gadget or another, make a list of supplies needed at the store, or build a contraption that shoots, blows up, or makes noise. He is Mr. Fix-it and Mr. Helpful (especially if it will assist him getting out of schoolwork for the moment).

Drake is reluctantly pursuing his 5th year of piano and periodically taking guitar lessons. As long as he is playing The Pink Panther (on piano) he is slightly willing to practice. He loves his shooting practice and matches with a wonderful instructor at the Rifle and Pistol Club every Saturday he is available.

Drake will also be attending the same Classical Conversation classes as Ilex once a week. His teacher has hopes that he will be able to keep his mind on his school work until it is completed, while keeping his skills of quietly riling up his older sister under great restraint.

Ilex ~ 9th Grade

Ilex, Miss Imagination, is officially beginning her first year of high school. She loves debating with her teacher, playing outside with her animals and the dogs at the animal shelter where she volunteers, and using her imagination while playing with or directing the young children in her life.

Ilex will be continuing the violin lessons she began this summer while hopefully maintaining her piano skills at her present level.

Ilex will be attending Classical Conversation classes once a week and then completing the given assignments in Latin, Writing and Newberry Literature, Geography, Biology and Natural Science, Clear Reasoning and Apologetics, and Math at home under her mother's direction. She is looking forward to learning how to draw a world map, including countries, capitals and major rivers, cities and geographical features, free hand as that is the goal of her geography class this year. She will also be adding in typing and a review of World History as time allows. Ilex is most excited about spending the day at CC with her best friends Adelaine and Chrissy. And her teacher hopes that, unless she is in debate class, she will keep her debating practice to a minimum.


Anonymous said...

Love your post today...but then they are my favorite little people, although two of them are not so little any more!
Drake is just a clone of Casey. I always had motorized egg cartons speeding around in the bathtub!
Beautiful pictures Heidi...I always enjoy the pictures on your blog...
Blessings to you
Carole K.

Ruth said...

Wonderful glimpse of older homeschooled students. We're starting CC this year, and I'm so excited!