Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday Seven ~ Week 32

Blackberry Gingerbread

1:: In case anyone wonders how long until baby-doll arrives... the week of the Saturday Seven matches up with my pregnancy. So, I hit week 32 on Tuesday. Less than 8 weeks to go (more like 6 would be nice.) I feel 10 months pregnant, but I'm in no way ready for a newborn around here. Sooooooo many things left to do on the project list. At least I got a few things done this week!!

2:: Made it to the last concert of the Monday evening series in the park. Sadly, only the second one we made it to this season! It was a lovely evening, though, as we snacked on Blackberry Gingerbread and enjoyed the local concert band (perfect addition to our instruments study, not that the boys were paying attention....).

3:: My best friend, Char, took my boys to the water park/pool for the afternoon so I could have some quiet time. The boys had an incredible time. My friend is a saint.

4:: Had to-die-for corn on the cob from the local farmer's stand. {SWOON!} Then breads and cheese from the Saturday farmers' market. I really love to eat. Have I mentioned that?

5:: Triple digit temps this weekend. I shouldn't complain, since we've had such a mild summer, but GOLLY!! I'm more of a 73 degrees sort of person, not 103.

6:: I'm such a slacker. We've done almost nothing in the way of school lessons, despite my best intentions (not much of a surprise). And I didn't read ONE book last month {GASP!!} (though I skimmed and reviewed a couple). This month doesn't look much better. At least Mockingjay will be delivered on August 24th, so I'll be sure to have read one book.

7:: And in case anyone would like to actually THINK: From Why Are Parents So Unhappy? And Who Would Settle for Happiness, Anyway? at in response to All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting from New York Magazine:

Christians must see children as gifts from God, not as projects. We should see marriage and parenthood as a stewardship and privilege, not as a mere lifestyle choice. We must resist the cultural seductions and raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and understand family life as a crucible for holiness, not an experiment in happiness.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

~Frederick Douglass


Shell in your Pocket said...

Where have I been? I read you all the time and had no idea you were!

sandy toe

Renee said...

I read the Albert Mohler article, too. Wasn't it fabulous? I think it's great that you are taking it easy. You are, after all, pregnant with your 4rth child!!

Hannah said...

I'm excited about Mockingjay's debut as well!