Friday, June 8, 2012

Through Rose-Colored Glasses


A couple days of gray, rain (torrential downpours!), wind, and cold just means we have to make our own sunshine.


And rainbows.


And yummy treats. (Cinnamon apple chips and homemade chocolate larabars. YUM!!)




And lots of laughter. It took me 45 minutes to put Lola to bed this evening because we were giggling so hard.

I’ll leave you with a funny.

Luke: I’m depressed.
Me: Why?
Luke: I have an excess of black bile in my body.

Maybe it is time to lay off the books (black bile?!) and get some fresh air. I’m ordering good weather for tomorrow.


Shannon said...

Heidi- I stole one of the lara bar things you brought to mom. They are delish!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, would you send me the recipe for lara bars by email, please. and thank you. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes!
Please post the lara bar recipe :-)
Those look amazing! Kim

Heidi said...

If you google larabar recipe, you'll find lots of variations, but I used this one:
I added sea salt and cardamom. YUM!!! (And I make it into balls rather than bars...if I don't eat it all straight out of the food processor first. :))

The Vosslers said...

Delicious. We make our own lara bars, too ... one version for each member of our family (except the one allergic to oats because most dates are rolled in oat flour!). But those cinnamon apple chips look right up our alley.

(we do CC over in Bend and that's how I found you. Turns out we both know Tsh?)

Heidi said...

Nice to meet you! :) I buy my dates in the fruit section at Costco. No oat flour, just dates. :)