Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1st Day of School ~ A Gazillion Photos


I may be breaking my number-of-pictures-in-one-post record here, but I couldn’t pick and choose. (These photos are real time, not make-up posts from past months.)

The requisite first day of school photo:


Actually, I think this is how they feel about getting back to lessons:


But, wait. Let me start at the beginning.


And, because I know someone is going to ask me {grin}, this is McDowell Creek Falls and trails—about 25 miles/40 minutes from our house.


Please take note of Leif's footwear. Ahem.



Not much water this time of year. These falls are raging in the spring.


We brought Aunt Shannon and Baby Rilla along to play.


She can wield a stick-sword like nobody's business.



I’m a little terrified of the time when this kid is in his teens.


Doesn’t this look like something out of a fairy tale?



Tsh said...

So fun! We're gonna have to check out this place. Have you been in the fall? Do the leaves change colors there?

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Love!! Sure does make me want to visit OR:)

Skeller said...

PERFECT first day of school. Love how much beauty is so close to your home. Love how motherhood looks on Shannon. Love that Lola has clearly picked up mad skillz from her big brothers. Love Leif's silly shoe choices. Love your skirt. Please, PLEASE tell me you set the self-timer button, put your camera down on the bridge, and hopped into at least one of the pics with Russell & kiddos?!?!?

Hannah said...

Ohhhh! These photos remind me so much of that lovely day we spent together (and my children had to gather 'round to see them). Gorgeous, intensely verdant forest and waterfalls, glowing children ... and then the iPad in the backseat! (Were they watching Dr. Who, I wonder?!)

Anonymous said...

What a great first day of school! Your boys look like you and your daughter looks like your husband. Beautiful photos - beautiful kids.