Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Oregon Garden


Today was homeschool day at The Oregon Garden. We went last year (without Lola) and the year before Lola was born, but this year I decided to brave it with her. All things considered, our day went very well. The weather forecast predicted 90s, so we were dressed for warm weather but the morning started out cool (in the 60s, I think) and overcast. We met up with my sister Holly, my niece Ivy, and three other friends. (And then we saw what seemed like the entire homeschooling community in the Willamette Valley…)

Lola was thrilled to be included.


The clouds burned off and the day warmed up considerably while we were in the children’s garden playing and picnicking.


This tree got hit during our crazy lightning storm last week!


It is tradition to end our day in the big fountain, and we were all rather toasty by the afternoon. Alas, the kids were sorely disappointed to find the water off for some reason. We found another fountain, though, and the day was saved.


And so we ended the day refreshed, with a squishy-squashy walk back to the truck. It was 82 degrees on our drive home. The boys convinced me to stop at the Learning Palace (an education-related store), so we had a fun stop there. It was up to 90 degrees when we got home—finally.


Ulrike Coulliette said...

Hello Heidi,
thanks for this lovely post. I like to see pitures of your boys. They remind me so much of my son Seam, who is nine, well, ten next week. I have met you in Eugene at the Practicum and felt like I know you already after reading your blog for so many months, an unfair advantage, I know!
I have a question which may seem somewhat silly, but how do you find out about the Homeschool Days at places like the Oregon Garden or Oaks Park? I live in Sherwood, about twentyfive miles south of Portland, and I feel I have no clue what is going on anywhere. I also am not sure how to find out. Any advice?

Frannie said...

I second that comment. I'm out in Astoria & would love to plan some trips into the valley for some of these events. Our CC group out here is full of a lot of new HS families so any info would help.

Anonymous said...

Ah, we were not able to go this year...looks like you had a great day!! ~Connie in Tualatin

Heidi said...

Ulrike and Frannie~ I get much of this information through the Yahoo group Mid-Valley Homeschoolers. If you join, members can send emails through the group to let everyone know of various resources and activities (or ask general questions and network with others. Here is a link to the group:

I know there are other groups and email loops as well (but not sure of the links). We also have a Willamette Valley CC facebook group for various conversations, resources, and links to activities. Search for Willamette Valley CC Connect.

(Connie~ I kept an eye out for you in case you were there. Missed you!)